General Director

  • Vahram Petrosyan Gaspar

    Doctor of Sciences, Professor

    +(374) 10 742130

Biographical data
Vahram Gaspar Petrosyan was born in 1954. He was born on March 18, in the village of Voskehask, Akhuryan, Shirak region, RA.
1972-1977 graduated from Polytechnic Institute after K. Marks (at present: Armenian National Polytechnic University), the Faculty of Energy, with the specialty of “Nuclear power plants and facilities”, received the qualification of a Heat-power engineer.
1977- 1959 he was sent to work as a young specialist-engineer at the Yerevan branch of "Energia" National Academy of Sciences (now CJSC "Armenian Scientific Research Institute for NPP Operation", CJSC "Armatom" ).
1981-1985 He was a post-graduate student at the Chair of Nuclear Power Plants of the Moscow Energy Institute.
1985 He defended his PhD thesis in “Nuclear power facilities”, received the degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences and returned to Armenia.
1985-1991 He worked as a senior researcher at the Yerevan branch of "VNIIAES" (now CJSC "Armatom"), then as the head of the laboratory.
1991-2002 From 2006 to 2008 he worked as the Director of Science of "Hayatom" Research Institute CJSC.
: 25.02.2002-29.04.2002 He was the acting General Director of CJSC "Armatom"
Since April 30, 2002 he is a General Director of CJSC "Armatom"
Has 3 published books.
: He is the author about 100 scientific works and one invention.
He is married and has a daughter and a son. Scale of professional interests
  • Study of problems related to the safety assurance of NPPs with WWER reactors
  • Study of complex thermal-physical and physical-chemical processes occurring in nuclear reactors
  • Study of interconnected processes of radiation-coolant-constructive materials in nuclear reactors
  • Study of coolant radiolysis in nuclear reactors and corrosion resistance of structure materials
  • Study of the deposition and carry-over of corrosion materials on the heat-emitting surface of the primary circuit of NPPs with WWER reactors
  • Study of the possible severe accidents at NPPs with WWER reactors and development of the management guidelines
  • Development and implementation of diagnostic and information systems for NPPs
  • Development, design and implementation of various types of technical means and simulators for NPP operational personnel

Armenian, Russian, English

Professional membership (NGO, professional council, editorial staff of scientific journal, funds etc.)
  • Member and Executive Secretary of Nuclear Energy Safety Council of the Prime-Minister of the Republic of Armenia
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors of CJSC "ANPP"
  • Member of 038 Professional Council at Armenian National Polytechnic University
  • Member of the Academic Council of the National Polytechnic University of Armenia
  • Full Member of Engineering Academy of Armenia
  • Full Member of International Academy of Engineering
  • Member of the Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency
  • Member of “Lraber” Editorial Council of Engineering Academy of Armenia (LEAA)
  • Member of “Banber” Editorial Council (Electrotechnology, Power engineering series) of Armenian National Polytechnic University
Awards received
  • Medal of “Anania Shirakatsi” - by the order of the President of the Republic of Armenia, UP-334-A as of 29.12.2011
  • The “Acknowledgement” of Prime Minister - Prime Minister's decree, №56 as of 23.11.2003
  • “Honoured power engineer of CIS countries”- by the decision of the electric-power engineers’ council of CIS countries, 2003
  • “Gold medal“ given by the Engineering Academy of Armenia - chairmanship protocol of EAA, IAA №2 as of 10.10.2008
  • Jubilee medal of “70th Anniversary of Nuclear Industry of Russia”- by the order of General director of State Corporation “ROSATOM”, №1/457-лс as of 04.09.2015