Information-graphic database of NPP equipment

The information-graphic database of NPP equipment is designed to provide information support to personnel during the operation and maintenance of NPP equipment by promptly searching and printing the necessary information material.
The purpose of the program is to meet the requirements of the general provisions for ensuring the safety of NPPs in terms of high-quality information support for the operating and maintenance personnel of the NPP and to improve their working conditions.
The program provides the following:
– assembly drawings of equipment and its main units, installation diagrams, technological equipment piping diagrams;
– brief technical characteristics of the equipment and its main components, including their purpose and technical requirements.
For the normal functioning of the program, the following technical and standard software is required:
– Operating system Microsoft Windows 95/98/Millennium/NT/2000/XP;
– Microsoft Access 98/2000;
– CorelDraw 9 and higher.
Technical support – P III-1000/ 128mb and higher.