Seismic vibration recorder (SVR)

Seismic vibration recorder (SVR) is intended for:

  • • continuous monitoring of seismic ground state controlled areas and building structures in the field;
  • • recording, storing and entering information into a computer for further analysis and processing.

The SVR recorder can be used as part of engineering and seismometric stations of nuclear power plants, as well as during geophysical and research works.
The SVR-1 recorder consists of the following functional units:
  • • Multiplexer (switch);
  • • Operational amplifier 1 (OU1 - I channel of amplification);
  • • Operational amplifier 2 (OU1 - II channel of amplification);
  • • Analog-to-digital converter (ADC);
  • • Microcontroller (microprocessor);
  • • Read only memory (ROM);
  • • Interface device;
  • • Microcontrol (indicator) designed to test the operability and light indication of the operating mode and the presence of registered information.

Technical characteristics:
  • • Controlled Frequency Range - from 0,25Gts to 30Hz;
  • • The number of input information channels is 12;
  • • The range of input signals is from 0.2mV to 500mV;
  • • The dynamic range of the input signals is 67dB;
  • • The ranges of controlled accelerations, velocities and displacements are determined for each channel in different ways, depending on the conversion factors of the sensors;
  • • Registration of three seismic events with a duration of 2 min each, on all 12 channels simultaneously;
  • • Registration time - 10ms;
  • • Registration starts from the moment the input signal amplitude exceeds the set threshold. If the threshold is exceeded in one channel, recording occurs on all channels;
  • • Information output from the recorder memory and input to the computer is performed using NOTEBOOK;
  • • Possibility of per-channel verification of the recorder's performance, including sensors;
  • • The recorder is powered by a 12V, 12A hour battery.

Block diagram of the SVR-1 registrar:

MK - microcontroller
Op-amp - operational amplifier
ADC - analog-to-digital converter
ROM - Read Only Memory
ID - interface device