Level meter

The level meter is an electromechanical device and is designed to measure the filling level of tanks with radioactive waste and tanks with chemical solution. The device is designed to work in conditions where it is almost impossible to measure the level of the liquid mass by other methods, these are sewage waste tanks, tanks of the chemical plant of nuclear power plants, where there is a radioactive background, an active chemical environment, the crystallization process.
The device consists of a control unit and a mechanical measuring part. The principle of the device's robots is as follows - on command from the control unit, a stepper motor mounted in the mechanical part lowers the float from the top point of the tank until it touches the surface of the liquid mass, at which time the sensor is triggered by a signal from which the stepper motor raises the float to its original position.
The stepper motor is controlled by the control board of the mechanical part, which records the measurement result and displays it on the digital display of the control unit.
The level meter is made of materials that are resistant to radioactive and chemical environments.