Repair simulator

It is known that the role of maintenance personnel in ensuring reliable and safe operation of nuclear power plants is quite large. According to available data, the share irregularities in NPP operation due to the fault of personnel is about 40%. A third of them are the fault of the maintenance personnel.
One of the ways to improve the effectiveness of training is the development and implementation of computer training systems. The advantages of using computer-based training systems are providing trainees with the opportunity to work with high-quality training material, reducing the costs and terms of training, the ability to train specialists at a convenient time for them, etc.

Institute "Armatom" develops computer-based training tools based on advanced multimedia technology, in particular for use in the preparation of NPP repair personnel. Within the framework of the British CNCP program, the Armatom Institute has developed a repair simulator for the following NPP equipment: - The main shut-off valve (GZZ) of the VVER-440 type reactor; - Main Circulation Pump (MCP-195m) of the VVER-1000 type reactor. The computer system provides the following types of educational activities: - training in technological knowledge; - training; - assessment of the level of knowledge. At the training stage, personnel gain knowledge about the composition of equipment, design, purpose, layout of units, possible malfunctions and their causes, as well as about the organization and implementation of repair work. In automatic mode, the trainee is shown the process of disassembling and assembling of the equipment. Developed animations are made with soundtrack. At the training stage, tests are also used to consolidate the material (with the presentation of the correct answers). At the training stage, the trainee is given the opportunity to independently perform operations on disassembling and assembling the equipment using screen images of individual parts and assemblies (if necessary, the trainee is given a help). The computer system provides knowledge assessment through tests and disassembly and assembly exercises. A computer system by using high-quality 3-dimensional graphics, provides the following: Visual demonstration of equipment units: from different sides, in section, with details of especially critical parts; Visual demonstration of equipment units, both separately and as part of all equipment; Demonstration of the use of specialized tools in the process of repair work.

The use of the repair simulator is not limited to nuclear power plants. The introduction of such a training tool is advisable in any industry where complex equipment is used, the quality and repair time of which can significantly affect the level of safety and economic indicators. At the request of the customer, the «Armatom» Institute can develop: Repair simulator for technological equipment; Training simulator for construction equipment (or process operations performed); Animations based on 3-dimensional graphics, representing: equipment operation; technology for disassembling or assembling equipment, technology for performing various operations, video for use for advertising purposes, etc.