Industrial anti-seismic protection system (IAPS)

Industrial anti-seismic protection system (IAPS) with digital processing of information

Industrial anti-seismic protection system with digital processing of information IAPS - intended for:

  • • continuous monitoring and registration of the magnitude of ground vibrations of the site of the controlled object;
  • • automatic issuance of signals for an emergency stop to the emergency protection system when the intensity of seismic or artificial influences on the controlled object exceeds the set threshold.

The system can be applied at NPP, CHP, TPP, HPP, at strategically important facilities for gas, heat, power and water supply of large settlements, as well as at large industrial enterprises that can cause an environmental disaster.
The system can also be used at research nuclear facilities and as part of engineering seismometric stations.
The system consists of three identical IAPS blocks and a personal computer.

Overall and mounting dimensions
are the same for all blocks and correspond to the values:
• height – 200mm
diameter – 440mm
• Installation dimensions – 380 + 0,2mm
• Block weight - no more 35kg.
Technical specifications
  • • The range of controlled values of ground vibration acceleration - from 5 to 400 cm/s;
  • • The range of controlled frequencies of ground vibrations is from 0.2 to 30Hz;
  • • The range of accelerations within which the threshold for the beginning of the registration of current information is set is from 5 to 40 cm/s;
  • • The number of seismic receivers in the block - 3 pcs;
  • • The number of working information channels in the block - 3 pcs;
  • • Number of working information channels in the system - 3 pcs;.
  • • Each block issues the following digital alerts:
  • - discrete, "dry contact" type (ДЗ-1), through two pairs of normally closed (NC) relay contacts for emergency shutdown of the reactor;
    - discrete, "dry contact" type (ДЗ-2), through two pairs of normally opened (NO) relay contacts for emergency shutdown of the reactor.
    The presence of two signals ДЗ-1 and ДЗ-2 allows you to use them separately or both at the same time, depending on the principle of emergency protection of the controlled object.

  • The main error in the issuance of emergency signals is no more than + 5% of the set emergency signal threshold.
  • • The system provides for the possibility of automatic connection of autonomous power supply from storage batteries when power is disconnected from the AC mains.
  • • IAPS blocks retain their performance when:
  • - ambient temperature from minus 10 to plus 50 °С;
    - relative air humidity up to 90% at a temperature of plus 35 °С.

Two sets of IAPS-3 have been implemented at the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant in 2005. IAPS-3 is produced according to TU RA 01804548.4233 -2005.
During the development of IAPS-3, was taken into account 20 years of experience of successful operation of IAPS-1, IAPS-1M, IAPS-2 systems, developed and manufactured by JSC "Armatom" and installed at nuclear power plants in the CIS countries, Bulgaria and Czechoslovakia.
IAPS-3 vydan Sertifikat Rossiyskoy Federatsii, zaregistrirovan v gosudarstvennom reyestre sredstv izmereniy dlya primeneniya na territorii RF. 138/5000 IAPS-3 was issued a Certificate of the Russian Federation, registered in the state register of measuring instruments for use on the territory of the Russian Federation.