Safety Parameters Presentation System (SPPS)

SPPB is designed to provide the operating personnel of the NPP control room with information on the current safety state of the power unit by displaying important parameters, deviations of which can lead to emergency situations.

SPPB can be used to analyze and diagnose the cause of deviations in parameters or NPP mode.

SPPB performs the following main functions:

  • • Presentation of the main parameters of the power unit in normal and emergency modes;
  • • Critical Safety Functions (CFS) Status View;
  • • Presentation of the status of the main equipment of the power unit safety systems;
  • • Archiving.

SPPB includes 1011 discrete, analog and calculated parameters, and the configuration of the system enables parallel operation of plant workers and emergency services.
SPPB was put into operation at the second unit of the ANPP in cooperation with PNNL, DS&S and WSA (USA) companies.